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Prefab Granite:

It is mass produced In china and India mostly. The sections are cut, and the edge detail is already finished, cutting back fabrication time and cost for the shop. It is shipped here in containers ready to to be installed. ... Prefabricated comes in standard widths

98x26  for regular Countertops

16"  x 98  for bar tops with 4 sides finished

28"/32/36/42/52" x 98 for island and/or peninsular with 4 sides finished

4" x 98  for 4" back splash

Slab Granite:

Please Visit the website below for the preview of the slabs in our basic slab yard. We also have accounts with most of Slab yard in Houston area. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

our basic slab yard is


14777 Chrisman Road
Houston, TX 77039

Phone: (713) 570-7000

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